Processed fabric is also referred to as finished fabric. It is knitted or woven fabric which has been worked upon by using processes like dyeing and bleaching. It is ready to use fabric and can be used in the making of garments, apparel and home textiles. Processed fabric comprises of a printed fabrics that have exclusive features like a fine finish and smooth design. It is available in bright and fresh colours and provides long lasting finish quality. At Balavigna, we offer a wide range of finished fabrics which find application in various industry verticals.

Cotton Sorona Fabrics

Sorona is a chemical component brand of DuPont

Linen Fabric

Linen is a beautiful everyday fabric

Bamboo Fabric

Natural bamboo fiber textile is extracted directly

Soybean Fabric

Soybean fibers are sustainable and don't need chemicals

X-Static Antimicrobial Fabric

X-Static fiber has a layer of pure silver permanently

Cool Max Fabric

Cool max fabric is specially engineered polyester fabric

Wider Width Fabric : 100& Cotton & Its Blend

Wider Width Speciality Bedding Fabric

Double Layer Fabric, Four Layer Fabric

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