Greige Fabrics

At Balavigna, we export a wide variety of greige fabrics. Greige fabric is also known as grey fabric and the term grey does not indicate the color of the fabric but the finish. This fabric is unprocessed or unfinished which hasn’t been dyed, bleached and processed. It can be used in the making of upholstery, home linen, clothes, garments and more. Another common term for greige fabric is raw fabric. We supply woven or knitted greige fabric.

Cotton Grey Fabric

Cotton is one of the oldest fibers known to mankind...

Linen Grey Fabrics

It traces its origin to Ireland in early christian times

Lycra Grey Fabric

Brand name of Spandex Fiber introduced by DUPONT

Satin Grey Fabrics

Manufacture high quality Stretch Cotton Lycra Satin

Nylon Grey Fabric

Poly amide made from petroleum

Cotton Polyster Grey Fabric

The best of the properties of both cotton and polyester

Dobby Grey Fabrics

Eminent demand in the industry

Wider Width Fabric : 100& Cotton & Its Blend

Wider Width Speciality Bedding Fabric

Double Layer Fabric, Four Layer Fabric

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