Balavigna Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd., occupies a spacious area of 85,000 sq.ft of land under a pillar less shed. Our infrastructure comprises warehouse, stores, quality control lab, modern warp tying machine and generator section for non stop production.

Our weaving house is equipped with high quality updated machines like Sulzer A9500, Sultex L5500, Dornier AWV8/s, Toyota Jat710, Rifa, Airjet Looms,Modern Sulzer P7100 projectile Shuttle less Dobby weaving machines capable of producing premium quality fabrics up to 365cms width in weaves like plain, Twill, Drill, Satin Gabardine, Oxford, Matty & all Dobby designs up to 20 shafts etc. according to market demand. All our looms are connected to online “Loom Data” monitoring systems.

The Backbone of our Quality Fabrics - Our Infrastructure
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A Few of our machines


Jat 710 is equipped with the latest electronics thus provides greater flexibility. At Balavigna Weaving Mills we speak about providing you versatile products, that is made possible by our machines such as Jat 710. It has different options for creating fabrics with different specifications. It has the Air Gripper Systems (AGS), Welt Insertion Device Yarns of Different Types and Counts, Electronic Selvat Motion (ESM), Electronic Shedding Motion (E-shed).


RIFA is available in three different variants. The different variants are used to manufacture fabrics of different kinds. These machines are controlled by a central computing system and also have a memory card. The information is carried on by the memory card, thus eliminating any chances of human errors.


SULTEX L5500 has been a trusted weaving machine since 1834. recently with its new technology it has achieved its recognition as the fastest weaving machine in the world. Its fast operation allows us to meet the time constraints of our clients demands.

A Glimpse on our machines are Shuttle less SULZER projectile looms, Toyota Air Jet Looms, Rapier looms and Ruti’C’ Looms for woven fabrics in width(s) ranging from 26” to 144” . Dolby for flexibility in weave to cover all types of patterns viz. ribs, stripes, checks, diamonds etc.

An Array of Our Machines

  • SULTEX L5500,SULZER A9500 Airjet Looms
  • TOYOTA JAT – 710
  • Warping Machines
  • RIFA Airjet 190CM
  • Sizing Machines

Our Testing Machines

  • Yarn Appearance Tester
  • Yarn twist tester
  • Twist Tester
  • Lycra Fabric Recovery Tester
  • Yarn Fabric Blend Analysis Tester
  • Crimp Tester
  • Computerized tensile testing
  • Binocular Microscope
  • Lea Strength Tester
  • Fabric Tearing Strength Tester
  • Fabric Count Balance

We are accredited with Following yarns

  • Dup1
  • Lycra
  • Ten1
  • alogo8
  • Cool1
  • Xstaticlogo1
  • Fair
  • Biotrade
  • Bci
  • alogo9
  • epi
  • Sup
  • alogo10
  • alogo10
  • alogo10

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