Tencel Woven Fabric

Tencel fabric is an amazing eco friendly fabric. It is an environmentally sustainable textiles. Tencel is known for its "drape". We at Balavigna Weaving Mills produce fabrics using the tencel fiber. It is a natural, man-made fiber.

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These are manufactured to be soft and fluid. Tencel Woven Fabric is one of those fabrics that compliment the human body most. Other qualities of tencel fabric are that it is comfortable, long lasting, color rich and easy to maintain. Also its huge range of property makes it employable across many industry to manufacture textiles. We cater to the requirements of many such industries.

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  • Tencel is used in various industries
  • In manufacturing mens wear, sheets, and blankets, towels.
  • For all traveling purpose materials owing to its light weight nature
  • Also available as fabric for sewing, as yarn for knitting or crocheting,
  • In making bandages, baby wipes, oil filters and carpeting for cars
  • In making conveyor belts and plastic parts.
  • In powder or fiber form, this material is used in making specialized papers and foam mattresses.

Tencel Fabric qualities

  • 30s X 30s / 124 X 68 / 63" Twill
  • 40s X 40s / 124 X 64 / 63" Palin
  • 40s X 40s / 132 x 72 / 63" Plain

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